Projects    Suburban Noir


Work exhibited at the Museum of Sydney as part of the group exhibition "Suburban Noir", curated by Peter Doyle.

Artists were given access to forensic photographs of 1940s, 1950s and 1960s crime scenes from the archives of the Sydney Police Museum and the license to make works inspired by the images (with some conditions attached, but not many).

Albion Creek by Anne Wallace

Albion Creek  2013

Green Impala by Anne Wallace

Green Impala  2013

Getaway by Anne Wallace

Getaway  2013

Borne On The Wind by Anne Wallace

Borne On The Wind  2013

Death Bed by Anne Wallace

Death Bed  2013

I Loved You With My Ford by Anne Wallace

I Loved You With My Ford  2013

Bankstown by Anne Wallace

Bankstown  2013

I Shall Be Released by Anne Wallace

I Shall Be Released  2013

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